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AMSCD Lawyer Confirms District in Full Compliance

The lawyer for the Ave Maria Stewardship Community District has advised the district board that a recent report by the Florida Auditor General found no matters requiring the board's attention.

Attorney Ken vanAssenderp also wrote in a Nov. 13 memo to the board that it is in full compliance with a Florida statute cited about emergency financial conditions.

The attorney's memo agrees with the opinion voiced at the Nov. 3 district board meeting by town resident Robb Klucik, as well as with the interpretation stated at the meeting by town manager Todd Wodraska.

The issue of compliance was raised at the meeting by town resident Marielena Stuart in one of several testy exchanges between her, the board members and Mr. Klucik. Mrs. Stuart asked repeatedly about a "Florida auditor's report," which she told the board was cited by AveWatch, an anonymous blog. A quotation from the auditor's report published out of context by AveWatch apparently misled Mrs. Stuart and prompted her concerns that  the district was not in compliance with a Florida statute.

Mrs. Stuart's behavior at the meeting has been cited as the reason why the Ave Maria University administration found her to be "disruptive, " consequently barring her from a news conference two days later and informing her that she was not permitted on the university campus. In a recording of that meeting, available here, the board's chair can be heard repeatedly trying to call Mrs. Stuart to order and asking her to stick to the agenda. 

A previous Ave Herald story, with links to the auditor's report and the statute in question, is here.

The full memo from attorney Ken vanAssenderp is here.



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