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AMU President: University Welcomes "Vigorous and Open" Debate

 "Vigorous and open debate" are an essential part of universtiy life, Ave Maria President Nick Healy said Wednesday in an email advising students that the university does not restrict speech by students.

Mr. Healy’s email was sent the day after Fox 4 News ran a report questioning whether the University was limiting student speech.  The reporter, Pooja Lodhia, had been asked by a University employee to leave a dormitory where she was interviewing students, although she was assured that the students were free to talk with her off campus.

The text of Mr. Healy's email follows:

Dear Students,
As I am sure you know, the situation involving a town resident denied permission to be on our campus has generated publicity about supposed curbs on freedom of speech.
Let me make it clear. We do not make any effort to restrict speech by students. Vigorous and open debate is an essential aspect of university life.
Having said that, let me note two caveats:
News media are expected to follow established protocols if they wish to enter the campus. We do need to avoid disruption of student activities and dorm life.
Interviews given to the media can wind up on You Tube or other outlets and surface again years later. Things said that might be hurtful or embarrassing to other students or to the faculty cannot be withdrawn once they are given to the media.
My hope is that you will let charity reign.
Nicholas Healy


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