All Saints Party in La Piazza

Published on Sunday, 01 November 2009 03:58

Children dressed as saints and other characters flocked to the town center Saturday for the All Saints Party sponsored by La Piazza merchants. Above, Gabe Wallace, playing When the Saints Come Marching In, leads a parade around the oratory at the close of festivities.

All Hallows Eve -- the day before the Feast of All Saints -- was celebrated in the Ave Maria town center Saturday with games, a costume contest and -- of course -- candy and other treats.

asaints1Children in costume scurried from one storefront to another around La Piazza, playing games sponsored by the town merchants such as the "Saint Walk," in front of Beckner Jewelry (right), where, as in musical chairs, the object was to be standing on a tile when the music stopped playing.

The atmosphere was fun and festive, but decidedly not spooky. Most of the children dressed as saints or other religious figures, although there were many who came as other characters from legend and literature.

asaints3At sunset, the children all paraded around the oratory led by Gabe Wallace, playing When the Saints Come Marching In on the saxaphone.

In front of  the oratory, Fr. Robert Tatman, administrator of the Ave Maria quasi-parish, talked about the meaning of sainthood (left) and then awarded prizes for the best costumes (below right).

First prize went to Joseph Klucik (2nd from left), dressed as St. Maximillian Kolbe. Second prize was awarded to an ensemble depicting the crusades -- from left John-Paul Klucik, Louis Raiger, Dominic Allan, Aidan Kelly and Andreas Waldstein. Third prize went to John Comden who portrayed Esau.