AMU Receives State Approval for Nursing Program

Published on Friday, 21 November 2014 02:04

The Florida Board of Nursing has approved a nursing program at Ave Maria University, President Jim Towey announced Thursday.

Nursing classes will begin in the fall, 2015 semester and Mr. Towey said in a statement that he expects the school's first Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees to be conferred in the 2016-17 academic year.

"This official permission allows us to immediately and aggressively recruit students to the Nursing major and I am sure many prospective students and their parents will be attracted to the formation in ethics our curriculum provides and the moral climate our campus offers," Mr. Towey said.

AMU has been working to start the nursing program in anticipation of state approval and has hired Denise McNulty, who has a long career as a nursing executive and educator, to build the program.

A nursing instructional laboratory, with up to six beds, is being constructed in under-utilized space on the third floor of the AMU library building.

Mr. Towey said that AMU has agreements in place with 10 local medical facilities where nursing students will receive clinical on-site instruction.

There are nursing programs at about two dozen Florida colleges and universities, including nearby Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College (formerly called Edison State College) in Ft. Myers, but Ave Maria's program will be the few in Florida at a Catholic institution.

"The spiritual and ethical formation which Nursing students at Ave Maria will get in the core courses will prepare them for the professional education necessary to qualify them for employment as nurses," Mr. Towey said. "I am delighted that Ave Maria will be at the forefront of the battle to defend life, comfort the sick, care for the rejected, and promote the rights of patients and their families in the increasingly complex and uncaring environment of American health care."